I Want Fille To Give Me At least 5 Million Of The 7 Million She Owes Me, Sharpen.

Tanzanian upcoming musician known as Sharpen has asked singer Fille Mutoni to give him at least 5M of the money that she owes him.

Speaking in an interview with Spark television, Sharpen said that he injected 7 million uganda shillings and more, in the video's venue that he was meant to shoot with Fille and she played hide and seek, he requests a pay back of ugshs 5million.

" I spent 7 Million and more because I paid for the venue, her attire and my airtime I spent calling her, I request her to pay me at least ugshs 5million, for the 2 million, I will forgive her, " he said.

He clarified with an audio of his manager talking to Fille on phone where she asked for ugshs 150,000 for the clothes she would wear in the video, and later on asked for ugshs 200,000, still for the clothes.

He goes ahead to narrate that since then, Fille didnot pick any single phone call from Sharpen not even his manager.

"After sending her the money, she didnot pick any of her calls from me, not even Nessim's calls because he was helping me connect to her, " he said.

He added that he loves Fille as an artist but her character of not fulfilling promises has made him hate her.

"I love Fille by the way, she is a great musician but her character of not fulfilling her promises is not good, " he added.

It should be remembered that Sharpen came out a few days ago, put out proof of paying Fille UGX 150,000 to design clothes for their video of a song 'Hello', she then asked UGX 200,000 still for clothes, after all this, Fille did not pick a single phone call from Sharpen.

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