'I Warned You, ' Bobi Wine To Fellow Musicians Over Music Censorship.

Kyadondo East legislator, Hon. Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine has sympathised with fellow artistes over the new UCC guidelines that will see the music industry streamlined and monitored under the government eye.

While appearing on NBS TV earlier this week, Bobi Wine scolded fellow artistes for not supporting him when his shoes were suspended when he became a politician. He says that this was not an attack on himself but rather all artistes.

"When I was attacked by government, only a few artistes came out to talk about the matter and the majority did not know that the attack was on the entire industry, now it’s time for those who thought they are not inclusive in this struggle to wake up and start fighting for their rights,” he said.

The recent release of UCC and Ministry of ICT guidelines to all entertainers in the country that generally require artistes to submit their work to the government regulatory body before it is released to the public saw many artistes teaming up to oppose the new guidelines as 'unconstitutional'.

According to Bobi Wine, the reason for these guidelines is because the government fears the rise of another 'Bobi Wine' from the music industry where musicians are extremely popular. He called upon artistes to stop 'sleeping' , wake up and fight for their rights.

"My rise from the ghetto to parliament badly affected the regime so much that is why they are trying, by all means, to see that no other Bobi Wine comes up. These laws are too bad, you can never find such laws anywhere in the world. Government’s intention is to target some people, like how they enacted the Public Order Management Bill intentionally to arrest Dr Besigye and his supporters,” he said.

“I’m not the first to sing about politics, Philly sang about it, Bebe Cool sang about it, Chameleone did so, Radio and Weasel have also sang about politics, therefore, these regulations are too illegal, immoral, they are unconstitutional and we must not obey them. Disobeying and discrediting these laws must be our duty as artistes and this is the time we should unite than blaming each other,” he added.

Recently, a team of musicians such as Eddy Kenzo, Silver Kyagulanyi and others also came out and expressed their disgruntlement over the guidelines. Thy have since launched the"Free My Talent" campaign.

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