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I Warned You - Full Figure To People Power On Ashburg Kato.

Jeniffer Nakangubi alias Full figure, reportedly a senior Presidential adviser to Museveni has confirmed that re known blogger and People Power deserter was a spy.

Full figure

The 'luwumbo' singer revealed that Ashburg Kato had secretly met President Museveni several months ago and begged for money to reveal Bobi Wine's Mission 2021 secrets.

The singer claimed that she had earlier warned People Power of Ashburg Kato but they would not believe him.

In return, the President had agreed to fund Kato's project proposals that would free most Kamwokya ghetto youths from the stench of poverty.

Ashburg Kato recently shifted from People Power to join the ruling NRM after the President gifted him five cows and an undisclosed sum. He accused Bobi Wine for being stingy.

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