I Was So Hurt, Rema Must Apologize, Chris Evans.

Musician Chris Evans Kaweesi has demanded for Rema's apology following an act of being pushed off stage by Rema on Valentines day during her show at Hotel Africana after Evans making a joke about Kenzo. Speaking in a video, Evans said that it was just a joke but Rema reacted aggressively and tried to drag him off stage. He added that he was hurt and he hopes that Rema can recongnise her error and apologize to him in a space of five days.

He also came to his defense that Rema also made a joke about him being hit 15 times with a hammer therefore he thought that it was no problem for him to make a joke too, and the fact that the song 'Linda' was originally dedicated to Kenzo. "I was hurt with Rema's reaction, it was just a joke but she totally embarrassed me. I made that joke because the song 'Linda' was originally dedicated to Eddy Kenzo but I was surprised when Rema reacted bitterly, I have given her five days come out and apologize for the kind of embarrassement she caused me, " Evans said.


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