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"I Was Taken Up By Kats' Sad Story, Got Pregnant", Fille Finally Reveals How She Fell In Kat’s Trap

Kats And Fille Back in their happy times

Singer Fille Mutoni has for the very first time openly talked about her relationship with MC Kats.

While appearing on NBS TV’S chatroom show hosted by Karitas, the singer revealed how she fell in the hands of veteran MC Kats.

She revealed that it was never in her plans to fall in love with Kats rather she was taken up by Kats' sad story the fact that they were always on phone talking to each other but later, she found herself in the trap and couldn’t move out of it quickly

“I met Kats at a city event with a friend. He gave us complimentary tickets to access the event and after we exchanged numbers. The next day he called me and that continued day in and out. He would propose outings oftenly and being a young girl at campus, I used to love that life style” Fille said.

She added that as time went by, Kats found out she would actually sing where after he became her manager with out them signing any contract.

As time went by, I told him I would sing. Because he loved music, we connected and in no time, I recorded my first hit song. Ever since then, I never looked back. He automatically became my music manager with no contract” Fille added.

The Sabula hit maker went on to narrate how the two started a romantic relationship, she said that she doesn't remember how it happened and that she was being taken up by Kats' efforts to build her music career and later found out she was pregnant with their first child.

Truth, I was taken up by his commitment to me. I was taken up by moments and I found myself stuck on him. I later found myself pregnant” Fille revealed.

Kats and his child with Fille

However, Fille revealed that it was Kats efforts that she became a big musician.

Fille and MC Kats decided to part ways early last year and are not working together any more.

According to Kats, Fille got money and started disrespecting him forgetting that he was behind her success.

He revealed that he was heart broken because he loved Fille so much and he was willing to do anything for her but he was disappointed when she turned her back against him.

However, Fille continues to state that the two will never be apart because they have a child together therefore they are existing as co parents.

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