I Will Miss The Old Bobi Wine With Whom We Used To Smoke Weed, Buchaman.

Presidential ‘King Solomon’ on Ghetto affairs, Micheal Bugembe, known as Buchaman has revealed that he misses the old Bobi Wine.

The former vice ghetto president, who was very close to the old Bobi Wine has expressed regret on how the new Bobi Wine has left him with a lot of memories to reminisce on.

 “If I’m to miss I will miss the old Bobi Wine whom we used to smoke weed with. The old Bobi Wine is the only one I know clearly because we were together in this Uganja Republic.’ Reminisced Buchaman.
‘…nevertheless when he joined the Babylon system, he changed. Politics is a Babylon system that separates people and right now he cannot come to go him to smoke, why? The system can’t allow him, he is now a slave to the system,” the faded musician said.

Buchaman further revealed that while Bobi Wine was still an ordinary ghetto President, he used to care for the ghetto people but Politics changed him.

“When one joins politics he becomes a slave to the system of separating people. That’s why I hate it and as a Rasta, I don’t believe in it. Although I have never met Bobi Wine since 2011, I believe the system has changed him,” he lamented.

The faded musician used to be Bobi wine’s Vice Ghetto President but later ditched him blaming him of exploitation. He is now a Presidential adviser on ghetto affairs, sketching means on how to remove bobi Wine from the hearts of the ghettonians.

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