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"I Will Never Give Out Money Again " Irene Ntale Reveals, Here Is Why.

Popular singer, Irene Ntale has vowed never again to give out money to any social media beggar or anyone in reality for good.

When the lockdown first grazed its ugly head in Uganda, many became financially lame with some even losing their jobs. Others were forced to resort to odd jobs.

In a bid to aid those affected, Irene Ntale revealed how she dished out money of over four hundred thousand Uganda shillings to atleast ten people. Although she gave the said people in bits, they came asking and begging for more, something that irked her

"Yes, I gave out some money during the Coronavirus lockdown and that is something I will never ever repeat again."

"I’II never! Oh My Goodness. I had that ka spare money and I was like let me share. So I decided to like give out to the first 10 people. By the way, I didn’t give out much money but I recall as if I gave out like Shs 400k but in small small doses." added the visibly disappointed 'Olindaba" hit maker.

She further revealed how giving made her feel good but people can never feel satisfied and they kept begging her for more. This opened her eyes to see that her well meaning actions would result into more harm than good 

"I felt good but it really overwhelmed me because people kept on asking for more money and I was like what the hell have I gotten my self into and then I am not also that rich." she said 

The beautiful musician stressed that it is important for one to have friends that add value to one's life. One ought  to filter off fake friends so as to be happy. She revealed that she herself did the same and never looked back.

Watch video below;

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