"I Will Record A Tutorial To Show You How You Can Exercise Indoors, " President Museveni.

President Yoweri Museveni has been at the centre of the Covid -19 fight and today he is set to post a video of himself working out to demonstrate to Ugandans how to exercise indoors amid the coronavirus outbreak.

While addressing Ugandans about Covid 19 yesterday, Museveni said that despite instituting a countrywide lock down last week, he had seen a video of citizens jogging on different streets.

However, according to him, this is absolutely unnecessary as it is perfectly possible to exercise indoors during this period when people are advised to stay at home following the Covid-19 pandemic.

I saw a video of so many people on the Northern bypass walking and running around that they are exercising. This should stop. If you want to exercise, you can do that indoors. I will show you how it is done tomorrow. I will do a video for you ,” he said.

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