• Khinamura

'I Wont Dump Him',  Bad Black Praises Toyby's Bedroom Skills.

Shanitah Namuyimba alias Bad Black has vowed never to dump her toy boy, a one, twenty four year old Asha.

Well known for her constant pursuit of men and money, Bad Black has been linked to several loaded men both local and international to whom she hawked her 'southern hemisphere' in exchange for a fortune.

She however dumped them and kept changing them as often as a chameleone changes colour.

However, she has promised to settle for Asha who she says is the best when it comes to bedroom mattets.

She also praised her former toyboy, Sky but pointed out that he was not as good as Asha.

On why she does not post Asha, she said it was due to security reasons as girls could snatch him away from her.

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