"Ignore Her, " Big Eye Tells 'Future Wife' Over Don Zella's Insults To Him. 

Embattled musician, Big Eye Starboss has appealed to his future wife to ignore U.S based Ugandan socialite and his ex lover, Don Zella who said he will die a broke desperate man.

In a live video broadcast, Don Zella predicted the NRM die hard's doom saying his lobe for free things will end in tears for him.

"Big Eye will die as a desperate broke man if he doesn't stop asking for free things from the government. He is lazy yet he wants to live a luxurious life like other musicians like Eddy Kenzo who works hard," she said.

However, in response, Big Eye begged whoever may fall in love with him yo ignite Don Zella saying the world is like that.

"Please my future wife, ignore all the sh*t you hear about me. That’s the world we live in and those are the people we find in life.” Big Eye posted on his socials.

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