Is Anita Fabiola Really Expecting A 'Child'??

Anita Kyarimpa alias Anita Fabiola has hit the news again, this time inseparable from pregnancy suspicions.

Anita Fabiola and Mark Ronald

The socialite, who found her fame as a celebrated Television presenter and Miss Uganda finalist has been of recent sighted in close company with her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend even showed up on her 26th birthday where the two were sighted together, without considering government directions on COVID-19 (social distancing).

Fans noticed that her belly had increased, making them speculate that she was with child. However, the socialite carried on her plans as though nothing strange is happening.

Mark Ronald, her boyfriend snatched the socialite's heart only recently and the two have been quiet inseparable.

Anita Fabiola has dated mostly well to do men including D Banj, Joel Khamadi, and Mo Red.

Government officials such as Godfrey Kiwanda (Tourism Minister) have also had an eye on her though they failed to win her heart.

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