"It Is Not A Crime To Be A Musoga",  Zari Hassan Calls Upon Basoga To Form Own Party.

Recently, Ugandan socialite, Zari Hassan was roasted mercilessly by People Power fanatics over her negative comments on musician cum politician, Bobi Wine. This must have hit her on the wrong nerve forcing her to call upon Basoga to form their own political party.

Zari Hassan recently questioned what credentials Bobi Wine holds to justify his eligibility for the Presidential seat. People Power supporters were however quick to react and rained insults on her.

It seems that Zari has taken the insults as serious despite being backed by Kampala Central MP, Muhammad Nsereko.

In an audio clip, Zari has announced that its high time Busoga formed it's own political party ahead of the 2021 General election's.

She accused People Power of being tribalistic and labeled its die hards as 'stupid'

She went on to decry the inferiority complex suffered by the Basoga and vowed to uplift the Sogii dignity.

"All the Basoga, Let's go and form our own political party since these guys don’t like us and we also start our own struggle. They’re just stupid. We didn’t commit any offense to be Basoga. I don’t have anything that sells me in Kampala not even music and I am not into TV that my rating will drop. I am just a citizen and don’t familiar with us. Let us raise our voices, " Zari said.

These comments come at a time when Uganda is heading for elections. A number of Presidential aspirants have already declared interest in the country's top job including, Bobi Wine, General Tumukunde, General Mugisha Muntu amongst others.

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