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It Is Possible To Be A Public Figure And Have A Private Life At The Same Time - Juliana Kanyomozi.

While most celebrities have failed to keep some aspects of their lives private, Juliana has proven them otherwise as she has managed to keep part of her life only to her self and probably her closest friends and relatives.

Juliana is known for her modesty, humility. and her award winning songs many of which are educative and appeal to the hearts of Ugandans Usiende Mbali, Sirinayo Mulala .

Her exquisite voice supplements her beauty and adds spice to her music.

The forever celebrated singer has got a reputation of taking her fans by surprise without informing them about her plans, goings on and her next steps regarding her private life.

On Wednesday, the 13th of May, the singer shocked Ugandans when she shared a photo of herself holding a baby which she captioned as,"it’s a boy!! Say hello to Taj 12-05-2020, we are thrilled!! To God be the glory.”

This sent shock waves among her social media in laws who weren't aware that the singer had been pregnant. Other celebrities like the drum hit maker Lydia Jazmine were also left wondering HOW!

However, the zaabu singer took to her twitter handle and made an attempt to account for her secret pregnancy stating that she did not hide her pregnancy, she just didn't show it but this didn't seem to have calm the curiosity of her social media in laws.

"I didn't hide my pregnancy neither did i show it," Juliana tweeted.

Ugandan celebrities who wish to have some privacy could do well to emulate Juliana Kanyomozi as she has proven an expert in playing hide and seek with the public eye.

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