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It's A Thing Of The Past, Fille Opens Up On Her Tie With Mc Kats.

Century upon century, philosophers have attempted to understand love. The once love bound Singer Fille Mutoni and TV presenter Mc Kats (Edwin Katamba), are now not seeing eye to eye. Twendii has learned.

Speaking in an interview on NBS The Chatroom, the gorgeous singer has let Ugandans know that her tie with Mc Kats is a history. She was quick to affirm that the relationship was beyond mendable and she was taking her time before running into another relationship.

Not wanting to leave Ugandans wondering why she would leave such a handsome and loaded TV star, she revealed that Mc Kats was an epitome of disrespect, infidelity and domestic violence and being the respectable lady that she is, she had to call it quits.

“I suffered violence at the hands of Kats for a long time, but I always told myself to stay in there because I did not want my child to grow without a father. I grew up without one in my life, and I didn’t want that for my own daughter. It hurts me.” lamented a visibly hurt Mutoni.

Mc Kats long opened up about his HIV positive status, and according to the singer, '...I wish he had given me a heads up....''

The singer and his now ex significant other have been able to pretend all is well with them whilst the truth is the reverse.

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