• Khinamura

'It's Not Over Yet', Fiona Akankwasa Claps Back At Beenie Gunter's Negative DNA Results.

All is not yet over for Talent Africa musician, Beenie Gunter even after his DNA test with alleged child  proved negative as his accuser, Fiona Akankwasa reveals how it all was a hoax.

Fiona Akankwasa claims that she was not given a copy of the said results that Beenie Gunter posted to show how he is still 'Mummy's Boy' She then had to go to the hospital to get a copy of the results.

MBN Clinical Laboratories, which carried out the said test said the results Beenie Gunter has are different from what the hospital has. Fiona also said that the results must have been switched.

"They didn't give  me a copy of the results,  in fact when I went back to the hospital to get my own copy of the results,  the doctors told me that the results Beenie Gunter has are not similar to the copy in the hospital,  they must have switched them." she complained.

The results Beenie Gunter posted showed that  he is  not the father of Fiona's child and even sent a warning to his adversaries that 'Truth will be out in the end.'

Fiona Akankwasa claims that the musician impregnated her after they met in Namugongo based Latino bar. He however stopped sending child support.

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