"It Was So Stupid Of Andre To Ask For Sex Even After Being Paid For The Production, " Nince Henry.

Musician and Song writer Henry Sekyanzi alias Nince Henry has come out to comment about Producer Daddy Andre's sexual harassment allegations made by several upcoming musicians, he says that Andre is sabotaging the entire Ugandan music industry with his lust.

Speaking in an interview with one of the local tabloids, the song writer was so furious and told off Andre to carry his own cross since he is responsible. The famous song writer added that different girls always came to his inbox accusing Andre of harassing them sexually.

"The primary existing purpose here is making a song for the girl. Can you keep it primary and don’t subordinate it to sex? Even when the girl has paid you for the music,you are stupid enough to make it secondary. Thats when I say your are not smart.you are dimwitted and intellectually inadequate,” the furious singer said.

“Everyone in society dwells in their distinctive position.That position will always issue you with some advantages or disadvantages depending on the circumstances. For example a bank manager realizes that his position offers him an advantage against a young teller, and in the same way a senior media executive against a journalism student on internship, or a DJ against a young music hopeful who is trying to have her song on airplay.”

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