"It Wasn’t An Erection" - Actor Mushema Defends His Swollen Pants.

Actor Mushema Housen

Housen Mushema, a famous actor who recently appeared on NTV the Beat show has come out to defend himself over his pants behavior while on air.

During the NTV the beat show, Mushema was among the invited guests as his acting group (Fun Factory) members shared details of their forth coming show which is slated for November 29, but possibly things didn’t go well in his pants.

Mushema's pants were seen almost swollen due to the show’s co-host Lynda Ddane’s stunning beauty.

It seemed that Mushema erected live on television while standing closer to Ddane.


However, he came out to defend himself and stated “I didn’t erect, I was very normal”, Mushema responded to a fan who asked him via twitter, if he is a guy who erected on national TV.

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