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"Jackie And Hubby Are Just Renewing Their Vows," Family Speaks Out About Her Flashy Engagement Ring.

Few days after the former Blu3 singer Jackie Chandiru flashed out an engagement ring on social media, Ugandans have come out with mixed reactions.

In a brief telephone conversation with Jackie’s former music manager that doubles as her sister, she confirmed to us that Jackie is currently in Mombasa Kenya having an alone time with her husband Nol Vliet.

She went on to tell us that the couple flew from Netherlands where she had been on treatment before the Corona Virus Pandemic hit nation, to Mombasa. She is also using this time to figure out herself and what she wants to do in the next years.

It is true Jackie is Mombasa with her husband but can’t detail more about that. They have been there for some good time now” Cynthia tells us.

She went ahead to reveal that the engagement ring that has been trending on social media should not be a surprise again. The two are still married but probably they’re just renewing their vows

The ring shouldn’t cause any debate. The two are married” she added.

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