Jeff Hands Off Sheebah’s Shows.

As the fights between singer Sheeba Karungi and former manager Jeff Kiwa is still going on secretly, reports coming through reveal that the singer is slowly clipping the former’s links steadily.

The latest info indicates that Sheebah has started controlling her inner circles and has managed to stop most promoters bookings on her behalf through Kiwa.

We have learnt that Sheebah has reinstated her pioneer female manager and best buddy Mariam Jumba to handle her bookings with her guidance. We have established that several shows now are being booked through Jumba after sidelining Kiwa’s Team No Sleep management

Snoops say that these days Sheeba gets her full booking fee without unnecessary percentage which used to be taken by the management.

However, we have since learnt that Kiwa is slated to lose all the tours he has been enjoying abroad alongside Sheebah.

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