Jeff Kiwa Reportedly In A Bitter Feud With New Lover Etania.

Renown artistes manager Jeff Kiwanuka and has been reported to be in a bitter war with new lover Slayer Etania Mutoni.

According to our source4s, Etania has a secret lover in Dubai and when Jeff learnt this, he was very devastated and nearly hit Etania for cheating on him.

It should be noted that Etania traveled to Dubai last month to merry make with her lover, somethimng that angered the artistes manager and since then, the twop have been fighting.

Etania in Dubai

It is also revealed that Etania was behing Jeff and Sheebah's splitting because Jeff would put all his attention to Etania, putting Sheebah's career at risk. It is sad that they have always traveled to Dubai for holidays together./

Later on, Sheebah hired other music promoters and she is soon creating her own music label.

Jeff threatened Sheeba to return all the property she acquired under his music label.

The properties Kiwa wanted Sheebah to surrender included a car, a Volkswagen registration number UBD  345M, her house in Munyonyo, copyrights for all her songs, land, social media accounts, among others.

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