• Khinamura

John Blaq On The Hunt For New Management.

Kasadha Jon alias John Blaq is desperately hunting for new management after his recent fall out with his managers who has withheld his social media accounts after bitter quarrel.

The ‘Hullo’ hit maker was allegedly accused by his managers for being caught red handed pants down with one of the manger’s wives, something that triggered the conflict.\

John Blaq now refers to the managers as ‘his former team.’ confirming his completely severed ties with them.

‘Thanks Hipipo track awards for those accolades, my former team and my fans lots of love. #God above all.’ Posted John.

John Blaq went ahead to create a new Instagram account. ‘Good morning my dear friends. Let’s connect on my new Instagram account. (Search for: JohnBlaqofficialug)' he posted.

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