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John Blaq's Former Manager Accysed Of Fraud.

A few months ago, singer John Kasadha, better known by his stage name John Blaq, fell out with his management team following rumors that he was nabbed pants down having an affair with one of his manager’s wife.

Other reports suggest that the singer had secretly dumbed his old management and as a result they called it quits. However, news reaching our news desk apparently, former manager Mr Kalobe Kenneth has been accused of Fraud using singer John Blaq's name. A promoter identified by one name 'Ali' from Arua(northern uganda) revealed that he had been chatting with him on phone pretending to be John Blaq but later realized he wasn't the singer after spending 1.75millions to him. ""I had been communicating to a person called Kalobe Kenneth pretending to be John Blaq and I finished business with him, I released 1.75 to him. But later I got John Blaq's real number and he told me he doesn't have any business with me."" John Blaq speaking about the matter cautioned the public on fraudsters who have made it a tendency to use his name for their own benefits. Fortunately Kenneth(former manager) has been arrested and is currently held at CPS(Central police station) as confirmed by Kampala Metropolitan Police deputy spokesperson 'Luke Owesigire'.

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