'Join NRM',  Catherine Kusasira Advises NUP Orphan, Jose Chameleone.

Presidential advisor and musician, Catherine Kusasira has advised Chameleone to join the yellow camp, having been rejected by NUP to compete for Lord Mayorship.

The chubby legislator assured Chameleone that he would be more than welcome should he join NRM, as the Party Chairman, President Museveni is willing to accept even prodigal children.

"The President asked me to reach out to all aggrieved members of NUP. Chameleone has always been our supporter and I will happily welcome him home. He has all the credentials to be a member of our party," she said while commenting on the matter.

According to NUP, Latif Ssebagala was the most suitable candidate to hold the NUP flag for Lord Mayor and not Chameleone. Chameleone however remains adamant as he has vowed to stand as an independent.

It ought to be remembered that Chameleone was a staunch NRM supporter in the last elections having been part of Museveni's 'Tubonga Nawe' project.

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