Jose Chameleone Drops His "Chameleone" Name Amidst Rising Election Fever.

Kampala Lord Mayoral pursuer, Joseph Mayanja who is popularly known as Jose Chameleone has decided that it is for the best that he dropped his "Chameleone" name as 2021 Elections gain serious momentum.

In a document carefully analyzed by this website, Chameleone declares that he shall forthwith be known as "Mayanja Joseph" in all dealings whatsoever that shall involve his person including political, music and personality wise.

"And in pursuance of this change of names, I hereby declare that I shall at all times hereafter in all records, deeds, and instruments in writing and in all actions and proceedings and in all dealings and transactions and upon all occasions whatsoever, use and sign the name Mayanja Joseph. the document reads in part.

It is not clear why the 'BaYuda" song maker decided to change his names abruptly. It has been however speculated that it was due to criticism that was fired against the politician for having a name that corresponds so perfectly with his political character.

Mayanja Joseph having been in the Democratic Party picked nomination forms from People Power and as soon as NUP was formed, he immediately picked the forms as well whilst maintaining that he was in DP still, something that raised eye brows with many wondering if a human Chameleone is in their midst.

He however became an official member of NUP recently.

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