Judith Heard Corona Virus Status Sparks Off Rumours.

A few days ago Ugandan model Judith Heard reported on social media that she was set for a test for Corona virus after she can in touch with a Tanzanian musician who tested positive.

Judith Heard met, hugged and dined with Tanzanian rapper Mwana Fa aka Khamis Mwinjuma, after a short while, he tested positive for corona virus.

Judith Heard With Mwana Fa

Judith had her birthday crush party in Tanzania. And as a precaution, the model after advice from singer Bebe Cool phoned the Ministry of Health and has been tested for the pandemic. it has taken almost four days before updating her fans about her results.

Snoops reveal that the model has since poured cold water on such talks and prefers to treat the much-talked-about pandemic test like a missed call.

This has left her fans and friends wondering what has taken the ministry long to release Judith Heard’s results.

Although everyone expected to flood her social media platforms with pictures of her corona virus test results this has remained incognito leaving everyone wondering whether Judith could be another second case of Corona virus in Uganda.

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