Judith Heard In Trouble With City Moneylenders.

A re-known city moneylender known as Mukiga has placed a shs5m bounty on the head of city slay jajja Judith Heard.

Mukiga claims that Judith Heard has played him hide and seek games after he loaned her around Shs10m at the end of last year.

He alleges that ever since she signed the loan money documents, she has never appeared and has also never fulfilled the terms and conditions of the loan.

Our snoops landed into Mukiga in the arrears of Kisasi cursing the day he extended to the loan to Judith Heard.

He has tried all around to access the former Radio presenter but all his efforts were not fruitful.

Our snoops also tell us that Mukiga tried to use police to recover his money but nothing positive came out. He has decided to go public and hunt for Judith Heard.

It should be remembered that Judith Heard has financial hard times ever since she separated from the father of her children Dr. Heard.

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