Juliana Kanyomozi’s Love Mistakes.

Ever since she hit the Uganda Public scene as a teenage diva from Namasagali, Juliana Kanyomozi has always caught the eye of many.

She joined the music industry many years back and her sleek voice worn hearts of many men and music lovers.

As she went to persue her music career, men started plotting to have her sleek voice in their bedrooms. Many managed to win her over but the relationships would never see its first anniversary.

Today we take a deep look at men who have been linked to her by media reports. Some reports she has denied and other let go.

These men came into Juliana’s life, promised heaven and earth and shortly disappear in thin air.

Amon Lukwago

The two met when she had started singing. Amon was this rich city businessman who came to Juliana with too much force. He pumped a lot of money into her, sponsored her music and life style. The relationship resulted into a baby, the late Keron. The two later separated and she sung Nabikoowa song for him. This was the longest relationship Juliana had ever been.

Kassim Ouma

Somehow, this relationship happened.  Up to date, no one knows how the two met but they met and had a short time relationship. Juliana became so mad and wild with Kassim Ouma as he traded his boxing skills in the US. She even changed her names into Jamila. The love died off at its initial stages.

Peter Miles

She was united with singer Peter Miles by music and former high school moments at Namasagali. At the peak of her music career, she was caught in the moment with Peter Miles. The two would meet in studios and make merry and music. Up to today, Juliana says Peter Miles will forever be her person.

Mujib Kasule

Mujib Kasule and Juliana decided to date shortly due to the singer’s old time crush on him. In different media interviews, Mujib revealed that his cousin who was by then close to the singer blamed him for being slow. His cousin told him Juliana had a big time crush on him. So when Mujib returned into the country from the UK, he met and asked if she still had a crush on him, that Juliana only smiled. The two hit it on but both knew it was for fun.

Ian Mbugua

In 2013, the two met at Tusker project fame in Nairobi. Fan as she is, she swept off Ian. In the evening after the two had finished the judge role, they would spend some good time together. It was a one off.

King Lawrence

This one got Juliana on her toes. She cried and issued an apology to Ugandans. King Lawrence met Juliana in South Africa as she had gone to perform. He lured her with money. She promised to meet him to meet again in December holidays. King Lawrence planned well and booked a room at Serena. He called her and she went. The next day she found her green knickers and used condoms on social media. She cried and two have never talked.

Mr. Flavour

This was just a rumor.

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