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Juliana's Giving Birth Shocks Lydia Jazmine.

At 39, to the surprise of most people, Juliana Kanyomozi gave birth to a bouncing baby boy who she named 'Taj'. Social media was awash with the great news and fellow artistes came out to congratulate her among whom was Singer Lydia Jazmine.

Speaking in an interview with the media, the 'masuuka" hit maker expressed surprise considering the fact that many speculated that Juliana was past menopause.

“First of all I congratulate Juliana. I always look up to her. She inspires me a lot but I was shocked to hear her giving birth at her age, a mused Lydia said.

She added that Juliana had been through hell the fact that she lost her first son 'Keron' in 2014 . She observed that it was her strength which let her carry on.

"She has been through a lot and everyone knows that. But her strength made her carry on. I wish her the best," Lydia added.

Jazmine however promised her fans that she will also give birth one day but not in the near future the fact she has an adopted child known as 'Mata'.

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