"Just Like Satan Came To Steal, Kill And Destroy, Thats What Angella Did To Andre," Andre's Manager.

Edwin Jingo alias XJ da Trigger, former manager to music producer Daddy Andre has finally come out to speak about the sexual assault allegations against the artiste.

While speaking to the media, Jingo revealed that veteran singer Angela Katatumba used  Daddy Andre both financially and psychologically.

He revealed that Angella stole almost each and everything that belongs to Andre.

"Andre is soon going back to the village because Angella stole almost everything from him, Just like they say that Satan came to steal, kill and destroy, that's what Angella did. In fact, she asked him to withdraw all his money from the bank account claiming that banks are not safe and Andre kept the money at home under his pillow as they carelessly spent it.

Jingo also claims that the veteran singer is currently broke and struggling. She takes any chance that comes her way. Jingo took back some time and recalled how Andre’s camp met with Katatumba.

Truthfully speaking that woman has no money. She is actually broke and right now she is just popular because of the family name Katatumba but she herself is too broke, he added.

Watch video below;

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