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Justine Nameere On The Run, Involved In Money Scandal.

Former NTV Life stories show host, Justine Nameere is on the run after a car company launched a search on her for defrauding it.

Justine Nameere

Khan Investments, a car bond in Kampala fronted one of its manager who ran to NBS Television and revealed how the company is hunting for Justine Nameere.

The manager revealed that Nameere, back in 2017 approached the car bond and bossed around  calling herself a minister's daughter. 

She was in the company of her, then boyfriend, Raymond Mujimba and demanded two vehicles , one a Toyota surf and a Pajero on credit, having given them only 5Millions. She claimed that the said vehicles were purposely to execute President Museveni's work

She later sent the company owners a cheque of ten millions which she however instructed not to be banked as it would bounce.

Justine Nameere

She has since evaded the company owners which made the managers lose  patience and mount a search for her and make her pay. Justine Nameere however denies these allegations claiming that the boyfriend was the one who evaded the payment. However, the company insists its Justine Nameere. It should be noted that Justine Nameere is a daughter to Agricultural minister,  Vincent Sempijja who is also being accused of misusing money meant to fight locusts.  It should also be remembered that Justine has been involved in a war with Faridah Nakazibwe which she emerged victorious.

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