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Justine Nameere Reavels Why She Let Faridah Nakazibwe's Cats Out Of The Bag.

Justine Nameere

Justine Nameere's lengthy report which she posted on her Facebook page exposing Faridah Nakazibwe's gullibility and how she was fooled by her ex lover, Omar Ssali has attracted the curiosity of fans. This has induced Nameere to reveal to Ugandans the whys and wherefores of her shocking revelations.

The two are former workmates with Justine Nameere being the former NTV Life stories host whilst faridah is the NTv Mwasuze Mutya host and Luganda news anchor on NFV.

Their war kicked off when Omar Ssali, Faridah's ex lover started fooling her, with the help of fake accounts to create the impression that her workmates Justine Nameere and Flavia Tumusiime wanted him like gold. this made Faridah accuse Nameere for attempting to steal her love from her.

Nameere revealed that Omar Ssali is a security guard in Qatar. This trashes the earlier claims that he is wealthy doctor.

Omar Ssali and Faridah Nakazibwe

Faridah, realizing the truth that she had been fooled begged Nameere to pardon her privately and forget,

“A few mutual friends intervened and I sent her a message through them and my Lawyers, that I have forgiven her but given her 90 days to tell the public the truth! She did not! I added her more 90 days and she still informed me she is scared of telling the public!” explained Justine.

'How selfish!' exclaimed Justine ' She quickly forgot she introduced this to the public! Those who followed that story, vividly remember how different people including former work mates struggled to tell her Nakazibwe pull down that post and retract your statements.”

The former NTv Life stories host explained that she had given the NTV Luganda news anchor an ultimatum of six months to reveal the truth to Ugandans and publicly apologize for tarnishing her image. The expiry of these months without any results induced the talented presenter to reveal the secrets.

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