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Kadaga Summons NTV Bosses As Faridah Nakazibwe Faces Axe.

Exclusive information we have landed on is that Yesterday morning, the speaker of parliament of Uganda Rebecca Kadaga summoned the top bosses of Nation Media group over a tweet post made by their own staff Faridah Nakazibwe.

A source who actually was part of the closed door meeting has tipped us that angry Kadaga has ordered NTV to get rid of Faridah or else be banned from accessing parliament news.

We have also been informed that angry talking Kadaga told off NTV bosses that it is not the first time Farida has attacked different public members of society and said it is high time she got disciplined.

It should be recalled that over the weekend, Faridah bravely attacked the speaker on twitter.

She tweeted and warned the speaker not to come out crying as a used Ngabo Condom when the ugx10bn saga back fires.

This angered the speaker. However, later on, Faridah issued a public apology on the same platform.

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