Karitas Kansimbi And Her Co Worker, Ronnie McVex Clash During Show.

Main host for Next Media’s NxtTransit , Ronnie McVex has adamantly refused to apologize to his co-host Karitas Kansimbi aftr he likened her hair to that of ‘mizigo’ women.

Karitas Kansimbi

In an outburst the two had got absorbed into on Friday, the main host mocked Karitas due to her unplaited short hair, which is a characteristic of many ghetto women.

During the show, the two clashed over the argument that it’s alright to call a woman ugly and ended up likening Karita’s hair to that of ‘mizigo’ women.

This pinned her heart and she stormed out of the show which left Ronnie wondering if he had made a mistake.

Taking to her Twitter, the wounded lioness demanded that Ronnie apologises. However, Ronnie fired back asking whether men if called broke become furious.

‘Guys, do we shout and explode when women call us broke even when we are rich in the heart? Or even when they use it as an example? Karitas Karisimbi needs to answer ya first as she talks of her apology.’ Ronnie confronted.

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