Karitas Kansimbi Transferred After Bitter Quarrel with Co - Presenter.

Media Personality,  Karitas Kansimbi has been transferred from her evening show on Next Radio which she has been co presenting with Ronnie McVex.

Reliable informers reveal that Karitas will now be hosting the morning show, Morning Zoo which she'll present with Marcus Kwikiriza. Karitas started working on this show early this Monday and seemed too glad to leave McVex who she criticized for having a way with words and lacking control of his own mouth.

Last week, during the evening show, McVex likened Karitas' short hair to that of 'mizigo' women, something that flared Karitas' temper gorcing her to storm out of the show. She afterward, demanded an apology from Ronnie who however stood his ground. Ronnie still maintains that his metaphor was an instrument he wanted to use to stress the point he was making rather than personally attack Karitas.

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