Karitas Karisimbi And Zuena Rekindle Their Relationship.

Over the weekend, our moles landed into NBS TV star Karitas

Karisimbi and singer Bebe Cool’s wife Zuena Kirema. It was a shock of the

moment considering the two women have been enemies for close to 10 years.

These two were spotted in a black seat of an ML Mercedes Benz along Ntinda Bukoto road. with ayer to be identified man.

It is yet to be revealed why the two once foes are together again but what we are sure of, BebeCool will not take it lightly. He once attacked Karitas and warned her to stay away from his wife.

Years back, there was a mega fight between singer Bebe Cool and media personality Karitas Karisimbi. Bebe Cool accused Karitas who was Zuena’s best friend for misleading her.

He alleged that Karitas was spreading false rumours to Zuena that he was a serial cheat.

Zuena packed her belongings and left their marital home and went back to her home in Jinja. This was the most trying time for Bebe Cool as he resorted to composing sad songs.

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