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Katikiro Mayiga Orders BBS TV Bosses To Renew Diana Nabatanzi's Contract At The Station.

At the end of February, news broke out that BBS TV gorgeous presenter Diana Nabatanzi was on her way out of Buganda based TV.

However, the latest news we have landed on is that Diana could still be at BBS TV for another long time. This came after the Katikiro of Buganda Peter Mayiga recently intervened in her issues.

A source told us that the Katirikiro summoned the top bosses at the station and asked them the exact cause of Diana’s exit. It has been understood that he never gave anyone a chance to explain but ordered to renew the sexy actress’s contract.

A source also told us that another big headed actress and presenter Florence Nampiija’s contract has been renewed after the Katikiro’s orders.

Florence Nampijja

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