Kemi Sera Reportedly In Close Consultation With Mama Fiina After Bitter Fallout With Haruna Mubiru.

Struggling songbird, Kemi Sera has cried out to popular traditional healer, Maama Fiina imploring her to bail her out of her current situation.

The musician, having been signed to Haruna Mubiru’s Kream Production fell in love with her boss,  Haruna Mubiru who apparently was married. It is said that the two started doing the do in their bedrooms instead of focusing on developing Sera’s music career. Kemi came out and expressed her regret for meeting her former boss and bunkmate, Haruna Mubiru blaming him for tarnishing her dreams in the music world.

Kemi Sera

She was kicked out of the rental she has been occupying forcing her to run to reknown traditional specialist Maama Fiina to bail her out. Minister Mutuzo spoke out on Kemi Sera’s situation calling her unprofessional whereby she chose to pursue an affair rather than business. "You need to be professional, how can u go to develop your talent but instead u begin falling in love with your boss. You knew the man was old and had kids and many women and you went ahead to give out your sompyo, what did you expect?’ Quizzed the minister. Kemi Sera has been with Haruna as a side dish for close to three years during which they had a child. Haruna is however a married man with children.

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