• Khinamura

Kemi Sera's Rescuer Katsha D Bank Gave Her A Fake Cheque,  Wanted By Lawyers.

Singer Kemi Sera's woes might escalate from worse to worst as her saviour, tycoon Katsha D Bank reportedly issued her a fake cheque.

Following her bitter split with Haruna Mubiru, Kemi Sera has been in terrible times and reached the point of consulting famed traditionalist, Maama Fiina.

However, self baptised city tycoon, Katsha D Bank came out and revealed that he would bail the singer out.

The money bag posed with his manager (Rwamiti) and blogger Ray Superstar with a dummy cheque of Uganda Shillings 37 million which directed Standard Chattered Bank to pay the amount to help Ray manage the singer.

The tycoon also claimed he would dish out one million shillings weekly to Kemi Sera as allowance.

However, lawyers from Standard Chartered Bank have launched a hunt for the self professed tycoon claiming the said cheque is counterfeit.

"This practice (posing with fake dummy cheques) sets our client in bad light. It was never issued by the bank. It is a con act." The bank management issued a notice.

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