Kemi Sera Slept With Her Brother When She Was Drunk, Haruna's Ex Wife Reveals Shocking Secrets.

Kemi Sera

Musician Hajji Haruna Muburu's ex wife, a one Nantongo Faridah has revealed shocking secrets about Kemi Sera's child whom the public suspected to be fathered by her now ex husband Hajji Haruna Mubiru.

Speaking in an interview with a journalist, Faridah said that Kemi Sera's closest friends revealed that Kemi Sera mistakenly slept with her brother when she was drunk and later got pregnant.

Hajji Haruna Mubiru

"Kemi Sera's child is not Haruna's, her close friends say that one day she was drunk and mistakenly slept with her brother and that's how she got pregnant, " Faridah said.

She added that the reason Hajji Haruna neglected Kemi Sera was because of her addiction to alcohol and the fact that Hajji is a staunch moslem who even visited 'Mecca', he couldn't withstand a woman who takes too much alcohol.

"Hajji called me one time and told me that Sera takes too much alcohol, she is this type that drinks and falls on the road," Faridah added.

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