Kenzo Mistook Me For Bobi Wine - Bobi Young On Bobi Wine - Kenzo Saga.

Reknown People Power movement activist, Bobi Young has confessed to having received Eddy Kenzo's WhatsApp messages who thought it was Bobi Wine.

While making some remarks after a recent NUP presser, the youthful activist said that Eddy Kenzo may have stored his number as Bobi Wine and sent him messages which were intended for the People Power principal.

He said that on receiving the 'tweyagale' singer's texts, he was confused as to how to respond to him on the capacity of Bobi Wine which accounts for the ignorance and blue ticks which drove Kenzo to madness.

"I received all those texts and voice mails from Kenzo but he addressed me as the principal and I got confused" Bobi Young confessed.

"I am not Bobi Wine. I am Bobi Young. I find it hard to respond to Eddy Kenzo in the capacity of the principal. I would have complicated matters so I preferred to maintain my mute." Bobi Young added.

He further advised Kenzo to store his number as Bobi Young to thwart any future confusion that may arise due to the names.

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