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Khalifa Aganaga Vows To Support Jose Chameleone Despite Not Being Endorsed.

Musician Khalifa Aganaga has vowed to support musician cum politician, Jose Chameleone for Lord Mayor, Kampala come 2021.

Despite Chameleone's party, National Unity Platform headed by Bobi Wine declining to endorse him, some still believe in the Leone Island boss amongst whom are Khalifa. Aganaga believes that Chameleone is the change Kampala has been waiting for. He hailed Jose for assisting him in his music career at a time when most musicians looked at each other as competitors rather than comrades. "Mayanja is the change. This man has supported my career in many ways. He made me look special when he gave me a collabo. Other musicians at that time were pushing me away including those you know,” he posted on his socials. He further stressed that it was wrong to support the incumbent, Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago since Uganda needs change. "It will be unfair to support the incumbent, we want change and we shall have the change when we change the old leaders by voting them out of those offices ,what else are they going to bring on table after a period of 10 years in office." It should be noted that NUP endorsed Latif Ssebagala for Kampala Lord Mayor, leaving Jose Chameleone disappointed.

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