• Khinamura

King Michael Apologizes To Balaam.

King Michael has finally pardoned and apologized to events promoter, Balaam Barugahara after he blamed the events producer for ignoring him yet he has been an ardent supporter of NRM.

King Micheal

The faded musician had earlier attacked Balaam over his actions of taking ex People Power member, Ashburg Katto to meet President Museveni where he was gifted with five cows.

This action had ignited in him a spirit of envy and jealousy because he had been supporting NRM for way longer than Ashburg katto yet he had not been talen to meet President Museveni.

However, the ‘Kwata Kwata’ hit maker apologized to the events promoter after Balaam gifted him with a plate of food.

The musician withdrew the hate speech he had been spreading -++--against the events promoter.

The two can now finally see eye to eye.


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