Kojja Kitonsa And Kimbowa Have Fired Back At Minister Peace Mutuuzo Over Vaginal Pulling Comments.

Renown herbalists Kojja Kittonsa and Kojja Kimbowa have down played her recent comments on pulling in order to elongate their labia.

Speaking in an interview with NBS television, the two herbalists have said that she has no clue over what she is talking about, and that she has to let specialists do their job.

"Minister Peace should let specialists do their job, she has to mind her business and shouldn't destroy the 'Buganda' culture, " they said.

It should be remembered that the Gender and Culture Affairs Minister, Peace Mutuuzo appeared in a video yesterday, and warned young girls against the practice of pulling their vagina lips to elongate their labia.

She said elongating the labia tampers with the body hormones and arouses sexual feelings, which pushes teenage girls into premarital sex hence unwanted pregnancies and diseases.

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