Komuhangi Conceives Again For Second Man. 

Former NBS TV star and once the face of the station Doreen Komuhangi has been impregnated for the second time by a different yet to be identified man. Information reaching our gossip desk reveals that Doreen is 4 months pregnant and her belly has started showing out.

A snoop bumped into her at the Pearl of Africa Hotel in Nakasero as she was getting into her car. For a matter of fact, we know that Doreen’s first born baby Daddy dumped her despite her keeping it a top secret.

Un verified rumors a few years back revealed that NBS TV boss’ brother was the baby daddy. Doreen’s neighbor in Bukoto confirmed to us that there is a totally different man that always parks a land cruiser at her apartment. The two have been spotted going to Nakasero hospital for antenatal sessions.

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