Leaked Video Confirms 'Vicious Chemistry' Between Lydia Jazmine And Fik Fameika.

It has been months since rumours sparked off that musicians Fik Fameika and Lydia Jazmine were performing frequent series of bedroom acrobatics with the musicians openly dismissing the rumours. Fresh reports however prove otherwise 

The two musicians are currently working on a new song and video dubbed 'Bingi' It was therefore by the purest chances that the 'Bingi' trailer dropped on social media and took several by storm.

In the video, Lydia Jazmine, clad in a swimming costume is seen making extremely arousing moves with Fik responding extra positively by grabbing her much admired backside  

It thus became conspicuous among social media commentators that the two are battling 'extreme chemistry' and are pretending to be just friends. 

Another scene also shows the two as being involved in a bank robbery and speed off in a BMW.

It should be noted that Fik looked up and down, east and west to get the perfect vixen for his song 'Muko' but picked Lydia Jazmine.We shall keep you updated once the full 'Bingi' video is released.

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