Leaked; Why Daniella "Broke Up" With Chameleone 

All may not be well with Mayanja Joseph alias Chameleone as his longtime sweetheart and baby mama has expressed a desire to cut off her relationship with the musician cum politician over various pressing and trifling reasons.

In a leaked audio, Daniella expressed distrust in her husband and seemed not happy to be in a long distance marriage. Whereas she and her children reside in the states, Chameleone is in Kampala hell bent on convincing Kampalans that he will do a better job should he be elected to the Lord Mayoral Seat.

She pointed  out  that cheating is a very possible misdoing that the 'Wale Wale' singer iis capable of considering the long distance and the lockdown that has seen airports out of bounds and operations. "It is over. I still respect him as the father of my children but Jose can no longer be my husband or let’s say, I can no longer be his wife." she said in the same leaked audio stumbled upon by this website. It should however be worth noting that the two have been severely challenged in their relationship which has been on and off several times and this supposed break up may  be just a pothole to be dodged in the relationship.

Jose Chameleone, who thought it best to be tight lipped on the matter is currently spending sleepless nights devising the best way to kick Erias Lukwago off the Lord Mayoral Seat.

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