LETTER; Bryan White Officially Summoned By Parliament.

Parliament has issued a letter summoning faded socialite, Brian Kirumira alias Bryan White to respond to sexual harassment cases. The letter dated 10th June and signed by Taaka Agnes (MP), the vice chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights directs Bryan White to appear before the committee on 18th June 2020 at 10:00 am at Parliament House. "...you are hereby directed to appear before the committee on Human Rights to respond to the alleged sexual abuse and violation of human rights  of a one Ms Stella Nandawula and other women." the letter reads in part.

Bryan White is accused by his former employees, Stella Nandawula and Vivian Mutanda of asexually abusing them, torturing them and forcing them to abort several times. Weeks ago, the two (Stella Nadawula and Vivian Mutanda) dragged the faded  socialite to Parliament demanding justice and compensation.

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