MISFORTUNES IN KAMPALA; The Story Of Lita And Nukwita.

Twendii introduces a captivating and thrilling novel series - Lita and Nukwita.


Often times, in our pursuit for success, societal recognition and status, we tend to imagine that somewhere, there is a short cut to our dreams.

We tend to forget that these ‘short cuts’ are pitfalls which will lead to our doom and cause regret in our old age.

The story of Lita and Nukwita narrates the perilous journey of two sisters which elevates them from thatch to grace.

While running her risky chips business, Lita meets Mr. Dangote, a wealthy seemingly well to do businessman whose cunning ways lead to her kidnap. She however fights on her own to free herself.

Nukwita, having been carried away by social media and the fake lives of people who use it, becomes an ally to Mr. Dangote yielding to his immoral advances in exchange of luxuries in a bid to escape the harsh reality of life.

This association however nearly costs them the life of their single mother,  Mama Lita.

However, the return of their father, whose story and true nature highly differs Mama Lita’s version of ’…having fled the arena of responsibility…’ unearths the mystery surrounding his disappearance.

His return marks the turning point in the lives of these poor souls. He apparently has made a fortune from his long absence.

The story of Lita and Nukwita is an attack on the youth who misuse social media, and choose quick ways to attain success. It upholds the assertion that Truth always triumphs over evil.

To be continued...

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