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Lucky Mbabazi Spits Fire To COVID-19 Task Force.

Recently, the National COVID-19 Task force in Uganda requested, in a letter to all C.E.O's of private companies to beg all their employees to donate 10,000 Uganda Shillings so as to supplement the funds for fighting the Corona Virus pandemic.

Lucky Mbabazi

Patrick Mweheire, the chairman, fundraising committee pointed out that they intend to raise about Uganda Shillings 30 billion from a total of 1.5 formally employed citizens to effectively combat the Corona Virus.

However, several disgruntled Ugandans fled to their social media and expressed dissatisfaction over this move. They claimed it was unjust, insensitive and cruel for the government to heed to this proposal.

Lucky Mbabazi, the gorgeous radio presenter who hosts the popular breakfast show with Gaetono on Capital FM took to her tweeter to express her own disgruntlement over the move.

''Asking for 10k donation after all the taxes we pay that end up misused anyway, is like catching your man cheating and he still asks you for "some" later on in the night.'' Lucky Mbabazi seethed.

Her followers seemed to side with her as one, a one, Denis Kisanje commented '' TASK-FORCE became the TAX-FORCE,''

It should be noted that Ugandans are working tooth and nail to survive on a meager income and low quality food as the lockdown and the Corona crisis rages on.

Uganda currently has 248 cases with 63 recoveries.

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