Lydia Jazmine And Fik Fameica Reportedly In A Serious Relationship.

Music Generals, Fik Fameica and Lydia Jazmine are reportedly dating, having been sighted on several occasions enjoying themselves in several places and hangouts.

The singers, following Fik Fameica’s music video of ‘Muko’ were rumored to be more than friends as Lydia is also an artiste and her agreeing to be a vixen in Fik’s video spoke volumes about their relationship.

In the same vein, the two were sighted flirting over social media with Fik fameica at one point pouring out his feelings for the songbird.

Upon further investigation, Twendii managed to land on numerous photoshoots that have been circulating around social media of the two musicians posing happily together, a strong indicator of a profound bond.

Lydia Jazmine and Fik Fameica

Although the duo keep on denying these allegations but what the social media in-laws see is very contradictory. However, fresh rumour has it that the two are in secret plans of marriage.

The ‘Sconto’ rapper has recently been in several relationships with celebrities such as Sheilah Gashumba.

Owing to the fact that many celebrity relationships never last for long apart from the lutaayas, the two musicians are likely to face a lot of thick and thins in their relationship.

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